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Hong kong Inter-School Choir

Through HKISC, we wish to gather students who are interested in choral music and with exceptional artistic and singing talents to receive professional choir training, hoping this can nurture students to become the leaders of their own school choirs. Students can gain performance opportunities and be exposed to professional choir conductors and music directors.

We sincerely hope that students with gifts can unleash their talents no matter where they are from. We also wish students can build their confidence, leadership skills and team spirit, and contribute to the community with what they have learnt.



Primary Division
Primary Division
Primary Division
Primary Division


28th September, 2023



  • Each school nominate no more than 5 students to participate in this programme 
  • Fill out the School Nomination Form online 
  • Notify the students to fill out the Individual Application Form online


  • Submit a personal audition video in the Individual Application Form
  • After passing the 1st round of audition, students will attend the 2nd round of in-person audition
  • After passing the second round of audition, selected students will be official members of HKISC 2024

If there are any inquiries about the application process, please contact the HKISC programme manager Mr. Tony Li. (email: [email protected] or WhatsApp: 5742-4721).

Inter-School Choir 2023 – 2024 Nomination Form (Teachers)

Inter-School Choir 2023 – 2024 Application Form (Students)

**Audition Video Upload Tutorial:

Students under the age of 18 must have their parents complete this application form.

Rules and Regulations

(1) Participants must attend all activities of HKISC 2023-2024, including rehearsals and performances. If the participant is unable to attend for any reason, the participant must notify the organizer one week in advance of the event;

(2) Participants’ attendance rate must be higher than 80% in order to participate in the performances of HKISC and obtain the participation certificate issued by the organizer;

(3) Participants’ names and school names may appear in promotional materials for HKISC 2023-2024 and/or other activities organized by HKICF.

(4) Videos and photos will be taken during the event. These videos and photos will be used to promote HKISC 2023 – 2024 and/or other activities organized by HKICF.

(5) With the consent of the participants, the organizer may invite some participants to conduct individual interviews. These interviews will be used to promote HKISC 2023-2024 and/or other activities organized by HKICF.

(6) The organizer reserves all rights to enforce and/or amend HKISC 2023-2024 Rules and Regulations.

(7) In case of violation of the above terms and conditions, the organizer reserves the right to suspend the participant’s right to attend all HKISC 2023 – 2024 activities.

(8) The organizer reserves all rights related to the HKISC 2023 – 2024, including but not limited to: arrangement of activities, rights of participants to attend activities, etc.


Performance Highlights

HKICF 5th Anniversary Theme Song – 《今天一起唱的歌》
滴露香港 Dettol Hong Kong – 《塵世美》MV Cover
CDMF Carol Singing Festival 2021

Photo Gallery

List of Participating Schools