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Mass School Choir Masterclass

Mass School Choir Masterclass is the perfect opportunity for schools that simply want students to experience choral music without the pressure of competition. This Masterclass invites local and international choral experts to lead the participating choirs through warm-up exercises and learning new songs as a group. Participants will be grouped into one of three sessions based on their age to ensure that content will be level-appropriate and targeted to their abilities. 

The masterclass is open to not only school choirs, but also other children and youth choirs and music teachers from the community. Music teachers who want to enrich their choir rehearsals will benefit from observing how experts conduct choirs in the masterclass.



New Zealand

Conductor Emeritus of Toronto Children’s Chorus


​Artistic Director and Conductor of the Müller Chamber Choir


Founder, Managing Artistic Director and Conductor, Cincinnati Youth Choir

Sweden/ Norway

Conductor of the Defrost Youth Choir

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Application Fee: $600/choir, apply here.
Deadline: 28 September, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mass School Choir Masterclass is specially curated for school choirs which like to participate in a choir masterclass without the competition component. Mass School Choir Masterclass does not have any competition elements, and school choirs do not need to give a performance on stage.

Only minimal preparation is required to participate in this event. Participating schools do not need to prepare any music beforehand, as the music will be provided and taught by the choral experts. Participants should arrive prepared to learn a new song with multiple choirs from other schools.

The Masterclass involves one to two choral experts leading the participating choirs through warm-up exercises and learning new songs. Participating choirs are able to learn a new song with students from other schools and learn to create sounds in a large group. This Masterclass is not only designed to help school choirs but also music educators to improve and grow musically. By observing how professionals conduct a rehearsal, they can incorporate new elements into their everyday music lessons and rehearsals.

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