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Mass School Choir Masterclass

Learning should not be confined within the classroom. We believe that both music teachers and conductors wish to bring a wider variety of learning experience for their students, so as to broaden their horizon. This is why the first goal of Mass School Choir Masterclass is to allow students to experience the charm of choral music without the pressure of competition. Through the guidance of the guest adjudicators, the students can learn new singing techniques and songs. They can also experience choral music together with peers from other organisations and enjoy the true joy of choral music.

Each participant of Mass School Choir Masterclass will receive a brochure containing the relevant scores, which are chosen based on the age and ability of the participating students, so as to ensure that they can get the most out of the activity. Moreover, we have already purchased the chosen scores, so that participants can continue to make use of them in practices and performances after the activity without the need to ask for permission.

Besides school choirs, this activity also welcomes children choirs, youth choirs and music teachers to join. Those who are leading this activity are all world renowned choral experts, therefore participating teachers can also learn a thing or two by observing these experts in action, thus inspiring them to add new elements into their daily music lessons and rehearsals to facilitate their students’ learning.


New Zealand

Conductor Emeritus of Toronto Children’s Chorus


​Artistic Director and Conductor of the Müller Chamber Choir


Founder, Managing Artistic Director and Conductor, Cincinnati Youth Choir


Conductor of the Defrost Youth Choir

Frequently Asked Questions

Mass School Choir Masterclass is specially curated for school choirs which like to participate in a choir masterclass without the competition component. Mass School Choir Masterclass does not have any competition elements, and school choirs do not need to give a performance on stage.

Only minimal preparation is required to participate in this event. Participating schools do not need to prepare any music beforehand, as the music will be provided and taught by the choral experts. Participants should arrive prepared to learn a new song with multiple choirs from other schools.

The Masterclass involves one to two choral experts leading the participating choirs through warm-up exercises and learning new songs. Participating choirs are able to learn a new song with students from other schools and learn to create sounds in a large group. This Masterclass is not only designed to help school choirs but also music educators to improve and grow musically. By observing how professionals conduct a rehearsal, they can incorporate new elements into their everyday music lessons and rehearsals.

HKICF will not provide a refund under any circumstance.

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