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What is HKICF?


The Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival “HKICF” is an engaging and interactive music educational platform that aims to serve all primary and secondary school choirs in Hong Kong. The annual choral festival usually takes place in January and February, and its main activities include choral competitions conducted in the form of masterclasses, workshops for music educators, choir clinics, exchanges, and masterclasses.

HKICF began to provide longer-term choral training to teachers and students in 2021 with its HKICF Plus initiatives: the School Choir Incubator Programme and the Hong Kong Inter-School Choir. After a successful pilot phase, these programmes will be run year-round beginning in the fall of 2022.


Through HKICF, we hope to nurture students’ passion for and appreciation of choral music, improve their singing and performing abilities, and give recognition to their growth in music. We envision a new inter-school choral culture that is based on mutual respect, encouragement and growth. From our activities to our application fees, every aspect of HKICF is designed to be inclusive. We work hard to ensure that HKICF is accessible to as many schools as possible and that choirs of all levels can learn from each other and grow on the same platform.

In addition, by inviting the best local and overseas choral and conducting experts to be our speakers and adjudicators, HKICF also provides music educators with professional development and training opportunities and fosters exchange among musicians and music educators. Lastly, HKICF hopes to introduce a community service aspect to choral music education. We have and will continue to emphasise reaching out and giving back to the community with our choral music.

The OrganiSer of hkicf


The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus Limited

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HKICF was founded by The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus (“HKVC”) in 2018 and has since become its annual flagship project.

History and Mission

The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus (HKVC) was established in January 2011 as a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting choral education. Its mission is to offer the finest choral repertoire, to inspire with its passion for and talent in music, and to promote aesthetic appreciation as well as charitable and social responsibility. HKVC is a choir formed by a group of passionate Hong Kong youths who are dedicated to promoting choral music among young people. They use their voices to care for society, including organising charity concerts to raise funds for those in need. Over time, HKVC has expanded into a s88 charitable organisation and launched the “Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival”, a nonprofit platform for choral music education. The festival provides high-quality choral education to schools across Hong Kong through competitions, masterclasses, workshops and concerts.


In summer of 2011, HKVC held their debut concert “Sing Out a Dream” in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall to raise funds to support the charitable work of the Lions Club of Central. The project entered the final round of Lions Clubs International Service Awards under the “Best Connection to Youth Program” category.

Apart from this, HKVC organised the first original grand-scale youth choral musical “Like. So?” in Hong Kong in December 2012. The five performances at Jockey Club Auditorium highlighted the importance of dream and persistence, and wowed over 3,000 audience members. Many public figures were impressed by “Like. So?” and offered HKVC invaluable interview and performance opportunities. For instance, renowned pianist Ms. Nancy Loo invited HKVC to an interview and live performance session on her radio show Cantilena in early 2013.

In addition to performing traditional choral repertoire, HKVC has also appeared as guest performers in pop concerts such as the “Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour” at AsiaWorld-Expo, “C AllStar in Concert 2017” and Justin Lo’s “Justin Chapter Free Concert 2017” at the Hong Kong Coliseum. HKVC has also participated in the recording of commercial jingles and movies.

Charity Projects

Music Accessibility Initiative

HKVC and Lions Club of Central organised a free eight-week singing and English workshop in 2012 for 130 students from Sham Shui Po, Lei Muk Shue and Tin Shui Wai. In 2013, HKVC continued with the project and served more students.

Secondary School Tour

HKVC held a school tour performance titled “Yesterday Once More” in 2014. Through the performance of choral acapella music, interactive activities and talks on specific music topics, we aimed to inspire students to appreciate music of various genres, and to think critically about the interrelation between social issues and Hong Kong pop music from the 1960s to 2000s.

Raise Funds & Perform for Charitable Organisations

We regularly perform and hold campaigns to help other charitable organisations with fundraising and their charitable events. In the past, HKVC has contributed to the following charitable organisations: Amnesty International Hong Kong, Child Development Matching Fund, Hong Kong Red Cross, Lions Club of Central and Oxfam Hong Kong.

Free Concert Tickets

We believe strongly that music belongs to everyone. We have donated HKVC concert tickets to the underprivileged through the following charitable organisations: Caritas Hong Kong, Children’s Cancer Foundation, Children’s Kidney Fund, Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, Hong Kong Playground Association, Salesian Cooperators (China Province), The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council and UNICEF Hong Kong.


HKVC won the Gold Diploma in the category of Youth Choir, SATB voices (age 29 and under) in 2011 Hong Kong International Youth & Children’s Choir Festival. In 2013, the chorus won the Gold Award in the Winter Choral Festival.

In 2020, HKVC was awarded the gold award in the “Ensemble & Choir” category of the “Paul Phoenix Academy 1st Anniversary Online Music Festival – A Celebration of John Rutter’s Music” which was adjudicated by Mr. John Rutter, Mr. Paul Phoenix and Ms. Vivian Ip.