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Core Values

We firmly believe that choral singing not only enhances students’ musical abilities but also helps them develop good character. As a choir festival exclusively designed for students, we hope to enrich the benefits of choral singing through a variety of activities.

Fostering Self-confidence

We understand that confidence is nurtured by overcoming difficulties and realising one’s own worth. When students participate in the choir, they are always challenged to do even better during rehearsals and performances. However, through continuous training and the support and encouragement of teachers and fellow choristers, they make continuous progress and develop their self-confidence. Recognizing and appreciating each singer’s progress is one of our HKICF’s core values, encouraging them to strive for excellence.

Unleashing Musical Talents

Music transcends geographical boundaries and colour barriers, serving as a universal language. By participating in the choir, students gain exposure to diverse musical genres, broaden their horizons, and explore the world through music. Additionally, they enhance their abilities in pitch, sight-reading, rhythm, music theory, and aural skills during choir training. HKICF places special emphasis on the personal growth of participants, encouraging continuous learning and progress on their musical journey.

Nurturing Music Appreciation

If music is a language, it’s crucial not only to express oneself through it but also be able to listen and understand. Through various activities at HKICF, choir members deepen their music appreciation, learning to critically analyse music from multiple perspectives and embrace a wide range of musical styles. Furthermore, we produce and share music videos on our online platform to encourage appreciation and enhance public understanding of choral music.

Cultivating Leadership Skills

Leadership encompasses observation, judgement, and critical thinking — skills that are honed with continuous practice. HKICF provides a platform for the next generation of choral leaders to develop their leadership skills by letting them learn and showcase their talents, empowering them to bring their knowledge and experience back to their own school choirs. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate a new generation of adept choral leaders.

Fostering Lasting Friendships

Friendship finds its foundation in understanding, respect, and affinity. A thriving choir fosters collaboration among its members, allowing for profound friendships to develop through shared experiences. HKICF arranges exchange activities for choirs from different schools, offering opportunities to learn from one another, observe each other’s techniques, and collaborate towards outstanding performances. Instead of fostering competitiveness, our goal is to cultivate partnerships that result in mutually beneficial outcomes.

Cultivating Perseverance

Perseverance is the relentless drive to pursue goals and the capacity to stay committed to one’s goals over an extended period. Choirs emphasise unity, requiring each member to synchronise their efforts meticulously. Consequently, each student’s perseverance is vital. One of the most inspiring aspects of choir is witnessing students’ continual improvement through perseverance, culminating in outstanding performances that showcase what they have learned throughout the year.

Fostering Team Spirit

Team spirit thrives when individuals work together towards a unified goal, leveraging collective efforts to accomplish shared tasks. Choirs consist of many individual voices, and it is only through the harmonious collaboration of these voices that the true charm of choral singing is unveiled. During rehearsals, participants learn the key of working as a team, which is to willingly set aside personal opinions in order to compromise and achieve a common objective together—delivering an exceptional musical performance.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Communication is rooted in attentive listening and effective response. Within a choir, members not only learn to listen to the conductor’s instructions but also have opportunities to communicate and engage with other choir members from different grades and even schools. This fosters the development of their communication skills. Furthermore, HKICF provides opportunities for participants to interact with overseas guest choirs, allowing students to host foreign guests by little Hong Kong ambassadors, thereby enhancing their communication abilities.