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School Choir Incubator Programme

The School Choir Incubator Programme is an extension project of the HKICF Plus, which aims to broaden the depth of choral music education and better cater for the needs of music teachers and conductors on the journey of choral music.

The “School Choir Incubator Programme ” has become a regular programme from 2023, and the participants will be music teachers and conductors. The programme spans one school year combining professional training courses and mentorship support to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to the sustainable development of choral culture, allowing teachers to learn more about choral music. The project content includes: Continuing Professional Development of Teachers, Mentorship Support, and Public Performance Opportunities.



In the School Choir Incubator Programme, we provide the following training and support to the participating school representatives:

  • Small-class professional workshops on conducting and vocal pedagogy;
  • Observation sessions with experienced choral experts;
  • Unique school choir performance opportunities; and
  • Year-long mentorship by experienced choral experts.


Hong Kong
Former Panel Chairperson of the Music department of St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Choral Director of Music Children Foundation
Hong Kong
Professional Voice Teacher
Hong Kong
Music Director of Hong Kong Youth Choir
Hong Kong
Composer & Arranger in Residence of The Paul Phoenix Academy
Hong Kong
Music Director of Hong Kong Medical Association Choir
Hong Kong
Music Director of the Hong Kong Yuen Long Children’s Choir
Hong Kong
Artistic Director of Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival
Hong Kong
Artistic Director of NOĒMA
Hong Kong
Former Choral Conductor of Diocesan Girls’ Junior School

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