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Global Summer Music Camp

Global Summer Music Camp is an international choral-singing summer programme organised for all primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong who love music and singing. It aims to provide a fun and dynamic atmosphere where participants can immerse themselves in the joy of singing and performing various themes of music, such as pop, jazz, classical, and folk.

Participants will be coached by local and visiting singing professionals who have rich experience and expertise in choral music. They will provide them with an invaluable opportunity to improve their vocal techniques, musicality, and stage presence. At the end of the camp, participants will have a chance to showcase what they have learnt in the camp through a finale performance that will be open to the public. By connecting and collaborating with like-minded peers who are passionate about singing and performing, participants will be able to unleash their potential, express themselves through music, and create precious summer memories that they will cherish forever.


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