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Tote Bag – Cowboy & Fa 環保袋 – 牛仔與啊花


Show your love for choral music while being environmentally conscious with this HKICF tote bag! With two beautiful designs, each showcasing the iconic elements of HKICF, this tote bag captures the spirit and vitality of choral music. It is not only practical but also chic, making it suitable for concerts, rehearsals, or even running errands. The tote bag offers ample space and sturdy construction, allowing you to comfortably carry your scorebook, laptop, or other essentials.

Get yours today and carry your passion for choral music wherever you go!

著重環保意識的您,一定不能錯過 HKICF 的環保袋系列!

此系列共有兩款設計圖案,均為 HKICF 的標誌性圖案,它不僅實用且非常時尚,適合音樂會、排練等各種場合。袋子的空間充足,讓您輕鬆攜帶樂譜、電腦或其他必需品。立即訂購,隨時隨地展現對合唱音樂的熱情!

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