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Thomas Caplin

Conductor of the Defrost Youth Choir

Professor Thomas Caplin (1960), was born in Malmö, Sweden and received his education as singer and choir pedagogue in both Copenhagen and Stockholm. He is a conductor, composer, clinician and author, and specializes within the psychological/pedagogical aspects of choral leadership, coupled with the traditional perspectives of choral conducting and the overall running of a choir including all aspects.

Another specialty is the cross field between classical and rhythmical singing and conducting. He is frequently engaged as guest conductor and clinician, and as adjudicator in competitions.

In addition to his employment at Inland University Norway, he is also co-founder of WCCN – World Choral Conducting Network, and former member of the World Choir Council.

He has received international recognitions for his leadership of the following choirs :

The Lund University Male Choir (prominent male choir from University of Lund, Sweden, World Choir Champions, Shaoxing 2010), Oslo University Male Choir (World Choir Champion, Xiamen, China 2006), Chamber Choir Collegium Vocale (Norway). He currently conducts the internationally renowned Defrost Youth Choir, and he is singing member of the vocal group Nordic Blue.

In 2022 he was awarded the prestigious prize «The Choir Prize» by the Norwegian Choir Association, for his outstanding and long work developing choir conductor’s training and building of Norwegian choir life.

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