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Meng-Hsien Peng

​Artistic Director and Conductor of the Müller Chamber Choir

Meng-Hsien Peng is a renowned conductor and artistic director in Taiwan. She serves as a board member of the Taiwan Choral Association, a judge for international choral competitions organized by the German International Cultural Exchange Foundation, and the artistic director and conductor of several choirs, including the Müller Chamber Choir, and the Taipei Symphony Orchestra Chorus.

Over her ten-year tenure as artistic director and conductor of the Müller Chamber Choir, Peng has led the choir to perform in hundreds of concerts both domestically and internationally, winning numerous awards at prestigious competitions such as the Grand Prix of the 9th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition 2015. And in 2016, they won the Champions of the Male Chamber Choirs – 9th World Choir Games.

Peng’s musical talents and contributions have been widely recognized, and she has received numerous awards. In 2021, she was invited as the guest conductor of Taipei Symphony Orchestra Chorus. She has won multiple awards, including Distinguished Teaching Award (2012) and Arts Contribution Award (2016) presented by the Ministry of Education, the Best Conductor in Taiwan International Vocal Festival and Hakka Affairs Medal in 2020. She is also honored by being included in the list of “Who’s who in Hakka World.”

Peng is also an active international judge and has been invited to participate in various international competitions and performances in Spain, Latvia, Russia, Germany, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and other countries. She is passionate about promoting choral arts in Taiwan and connecting Taiwan’s choral arts with international trends while cultivating choral education in Taiwan. Peng’s artistic vision and foresight have helped to develop Taiwan’s unique choral arts and deepen Taiwan’s cultural influence.

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