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Selina Ho Leung

Founder of Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy (Asia)

Mrs. Selina Leung is a Registered Counselling Psychologist of HKPS, a Certified Counsellor and Approved Supervisor of HKPCA, a Certified Emotion- Focused Therapist (Individual Therapy), EFT Training Facilitator (Individual Therapy) and EFT Couple Therapy Facilitator-in-Training in Toronto, Canada. Mrs. Leung also assisted in EFT facilitation with Professor Leslie Greenberg in China. She has been trained and supervised under Professor Greenberg since 2007. Upon being accredited by Prof. Leslie Greenberg as a trainer in the Asia region, she was invited by Prof. Greenberg to establish the Institute of Emotion-Focused Therapy (Asia) in 2015.

Mrs. Leung earned her BSc in psychology at the University of Toronto, Canada and MTS at Tyndale University College and Seminary (previously known as Ontario Theological Seminary), Canada. After graduation, she worked at different social service agencies for seven years in Canada. Mrs. Leung had worked as a Senior Student Counsellor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for 21 years and she is now currently in private practice.

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