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Grace Yim

Music Director of the Hong Kong Yuen Long Children’s Choir

Grace is an advocate of children’s music education. She is the Head of Music at St Stephen’s College Preparatory School, Music Director of the Hong Kong Yuen Long Children’s Choir, a Certified Kodaly educator and a children’s music composer. In the past years, Grace has accomplished the following achievements in various international choral competitions. The 6th World Choir Games in Shaoxing, China – Gold Medal (2010); The 7th World Choir Games in Cincinnati, U.S.A. –  Gold Medal (2012); Medzinarodny Mladeznicky Hudbny Festival II, in Bratislava, Slovakia – Golden Band (2014) and was named the Category Winner of Children’s Choir 16 and under; The 9th World Choir Games in Sochi, Russia – Gold Medal (2016); Singapore International Choral Festival – Gold Diploma (2017); Belt and Road World Choir Festival in Hong Kong – Platinum Award (2018) and Category Winner of children’s choir 16 and under=; Grand Prix of Nations Gothenburg & European Choir Games – Gold Medal (2019).

Grace pursued her education in Boston, the USA and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Berklee College of Music. She mastered in Jazz and Contemporary Composition. Grace was later awarded a Master’s Degree in Music Education by New York University. She developed her music education career in New York, and had her music compositions of children’s folk songs published by the renowned music education establishment, the Kodaly Organization of New York.

Since returning to Hong Kong, she has led the St Stephen’s College Preparatory School choirs, the Hong Kong Treble Choir and the Hong Kong Yuen Long Children’s Choir in many musical performances across various genres. In 2001, she debuted her children’s musical “Song of the Forest” at the first Hong Kong Treble Choir’s concert. The next year, she published “Quest for the Rainbow” for the St Stephen’s College and Preparatory School Centenary Grand Concert. In 2006, she composed and directed “Music Boulevard” performed at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Grace’s children’s musical, “Back to School,” “The Door to Happiness” and “The Oasis” were performed by St Stephen’s College Preparatory School in 2013, 2016 and 2019, respectively. 

Besides composing, Grace is actively involved in teaching music in different capacities.  In 2007, Grace was invited as a guest instructor by New York University to give a lecture and a music presentation on “Traditional Chinese Folk Songs”.  Besides, she was invited to be the children’s singing instructor for the feature movie “Prince de la Bun” in 2004. She was also involved in the music arrangement and production of a music textbook, “Musical Journey” in 2006. Recently, Grace was invited to conduct a choral presentation in the movie premiere concert of the feature movie, “Anita.”

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