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Year: 2023
Length: 4:44
Language: Cantonese
Date of Premiere: 05/02/2023
Premiere Performer: Hong Kong Inter-School Choir (Primary Division)

We have commissioned Dr Steve Ho, Assistant Professor of the Education University of Hong Kong, and Mr Jason Liu, Assistant Conductor of The Learners Chorus, to compose for HKICF 2023. Dr Ho’s new song “未得住未曾住(未有iPhone的童年)” and Mr Liu’s new song “一起再唱” will be premiered at the closing ceremony of HKICF 2023.

Dr Ho created “未得住未曾住(未有iPhone的童年)” with the main inspiration being childhood without electronic toys. The music starts with short phrases with irregular rhythm, but subsequently slows down. It first portrays the vitality of children and then slows down to express the carefree nature of childhood. From the middle part of the song, different melodies overlap in counterpoint, much like children playing in different corners of the campus during recess.

The Hong Kong Inter-School Choir not only gave the premiere performance of this song at the Closing Ceremony of HKICF 2023, but they also filmed a music video featuring a vibrant campus life background, showcasing the vitality of the song. It is hoped that this will successfully promote local original choral music!

Composer and Lyricist

Dr. Steve Ho

Born in Hong Kong, Dr. Ho is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and a multi-award-winning composer whose achievements include the PROCAN 1987 and CAPAC 1988 of Canada; and the 21st Hong Kong Film Award for his soundtrack My Life As McDull. In addition, his mass choral work Music of the Spheres has been awarded the CASH’s 2005 Golden Sail Award in the most widely performed serious music category. In 2015, the movie Mcdull, me and my mom won the prestigious Gold Horse award for Best Animation and for which Dr. Ho wrote the film score. Dr. Ho is currently the BME program leader and an assistant professor in the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at the Education University of Hong Kong and appointed Adjunct Professor by the South China Normal University. He is the Composer in Residence of HKCC since 2010.

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