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Winnie Cheung

Assistant Manager (Artistic Development)

Winnie has had a strong interest in musicals since childhood. Educated with professional training in dance, she became a full-time dancer since 2012. She has also taught and choreographed at dance schools and primary schools for more than 10 years.

Winnie performed in various shows globally along with Hong Kong’s pop icons, including Sam Hui, Alan Tam, Leon Lai, and Hacken Lee. In recent years, she started demo singing in projects like “麥浚龍 謝安琪 – 羅生門”, “泳兒 – 習慣愛你”, “Twins – 虛齡時代”, and “鐘柔美Yumi – 寵寵”.

In 2022, Winnie started performing in musical theatre productions. She played Nancy, one of the protagonists in Hong Kong’s first long-running musical, “Our Journal of Springtime the Musical” for over 100 shows thus far. She is also taking part in other theatrical productions, such as the musical “Love for Granted the Musical”.

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